LOITE S.r.l. is a consultancy company specialising in providing support for the training and consultancy needs of enterprises, guidance in internationalisation processes, local development strategies, and support for innovation. In all these areas, we assist SMEs, and large companies in various production sectors.

A consultant to private clients and beneficiaries of European and regional projects, LOITE S.r.l. provides services for the improvement and enhancement of the effectiveness of strategies, processes and business operations, offering specialised consultancy, including legal advice.

LOITE S.r.l. is based in Bologna with its headquarters, in Modena with a permanent operational office and in several EU and Eastern European countries through a consolidated network of relations with institutional and entrepreneurial partners.

Who We Are

LOITE S.r.l. was founded at the beginning of 2012 from the vision of ​​the founding partners to bring together within a single structure the individual skills and relationships that have developed and matured in the field of professional consultancy, training and human resources over the last twenty years.

Business Consulting

LOITE Business consulting supports organizations to improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of current organizational practices and the development of improvement plans. LOITE S.r.l. makes use of its customers, the skills of its team and extensive professional networks to meet the following needs:


LOITE S.r.l. is well aware that internationalisation is not simply the phenomenon that leads to assuming international characteristics, but it is a process for the adaptation of a product or service conceived and designed for a market or a defined environment particularly where markets or environments relate to other nations and cultures.