LOITE S.r.l. capitalizes on the experience and relationships established by its staff in all the countries of the European Union and in the immediately neighbouring regions. ​

LOITE S.r.l. is able to establish and consolidate international partnerships by guiding clients through the entire process and make use of a substantial network of local contacts to carry out consultancy services, technical assistance, training and orientation. ​

Members of LOITE S.r.l. have decades of experience in the design, implementation and reporting of project pathways within the framework of various cooperation instruments of the European Union both between Member States and with Third Countries. ​

LOCAL DEVELOPMENT means a qualitative increase in the capacity of the territory to act, react, plan and manage complex situations. Local development can be generated spontaneously, or it can be induced by the action of local actors.

LOITE S.r.l. makes the skills of its staff available for the development and management of specific projects aimed at developing territorial cohesion and competitiveness, the growth of participatory processes, internationalization and in general the empowerment of people and communities.